Wasabi Tei @ Far East Plaza – Hole-in-the-Wall Chirashi

2013-12-17 13.50.33

As you already know, I’ve been on this mad chirashi craze. Decided to try somewhere else instead of always heading to The Sushi Bar, so we went to this little hole-in-the-wall place which is at Far East Plaza as well.

Everyone sits around a sushi counter, and the place is as small and squeezy as you imagine it to be. But it’s fine, it’s always interesting watching the chef prepare your food.

My friend and I each ordered a Chirashi Don ($28). You get tamago, crabstick, salmon (sake), belly salmon, swordfish (mekajiki), scallop (hotate), prawn (ebi), and seabreem snapper (tai).

It’s quite a good variety but the sashimi didn’t feel as fresh as I’d have loved it to be. Also served slightly warmer, which isn’t something I’m used to, but that’s just personal preference. The scallops were good though – veryyyy sweet and fresh! Belly salmon is also always good. What is there not to love about more omega 3??? 😉

There’s no GST and service charge here, but a $2 charge that comes with a drink (green tea/ soft drink/ water).

Wasabi Tei
14 Scotts Road
#05-70 Far East Plaza
6238 8216



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