Artisan Boulangerie Company @ Killiney Road – Delicious Pastries






It is important to start the day right with a BIG HEARTY BREAKFAST and that’s what my friends and I did! Teehee all photos courtesy of my friend’s more advanced iPhones. My iPhone is old and retired.

We decided to head to the Killiney outlet because it was bigger and probably had a wider selection of food for us. And we were right!

The space is very, very comfortable. It’s large, it’s spacious, ample sunlight flowing through the top-to-toe glass panels, plush comfy chairs and pristine wood decor everywhere. I LOVE IT, I could lounge here all day.

2014-02-18 13.41.26




My friend and I happily sampled the foods laid out on the counter – breads, a ricotta croissant (I’ll get this the next time; we had 2 many (hehehe) croissants already), apple turnovers and a whole array of other baked goods.

Here’s what we had: 2014-02-18 11.25.43


Pleased to say that everything was delicious!!

2014-02-18 11.26.04

Pear & Almond Tart ($6). I enjoyed this tart! Pears still retained some crunch to it, pears complemented the frangipane and the base was firm and buttery. Definitelyyyy can have one of this myself!

2014-02-18 11.26.11

Our croissants galore ~~ okay there are only 2 but you must try it! Croissant ($2.80) was amazing. Absolutely crisp on the outside and a bite into it will reveal the fluffy, fragrant insides. Almond croissant ($3.50) is just as satisfying, there was generous amount of frangipane in it. I love nuts! I’m going nuts eating good food!!!

2014-02-18 11.26.14


We also got the beef bourguignon pie ($8.50). Some bakeries shine with their pastries and neglect the savouries, but ABC’s got it nailed because this was VERY DELIGHTFUL. Huge chunks of tender, well-simmered beef just bursting from the pie the moment you cut through it. The pie crust is faultless too – all the right proportions of flaky, buttery and never at any point soggy from all that filling.

2014-02-18 13.41.28


Decided to get an extra Caramel Pecan Tart ($6). Caramel here is not the light brown that we usually see nowadays, and the caramel is much more bitter, but it does grow on you as you work through the tart. Each bite guarantees you some nutxzx and an interesting bittersweet taste.


2014-02-18 11.26.08

SO GOOD REALLY! It was a bit shocking to hear that they have so many outlets within the span of less than 6 months, but I see why they can afford to. Everything is so well thought out – from the layout of the place, the breads on sale, the pastries and the menu. I’ll definitely be back to this place for more. Please go try it!

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