Desserts – Creamier, Da Paolo, Scoopz

Here is a selection of sweet treaaaats I’ve had lately!


2014-02-16 21.09.17

I LOVE CREAMIER’S PISTACHIO ICE CREAM! My favourite combination is Roasted Pistachio & Dark Chocolate Ferrero Rocher. Truly perfect together. The unmistakeable taste of pistachios coming through with every spoonful, and the thick, rich, dark chocolate with subtle hints of the all-time favourite Ferrero. Waffles are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. SO DELICIOUS! Waffle with a scoop is $6, with a premium scoop its $6.50. Paid $8.50 for this!

2014-02-16 21.09.12

More! Except that I cannot remember what we had teehee

2014-01-23 08.29.37

Friend went out for lunch and brought this back for me as appreciation for efforts and things like that. It was such a sweet gesture I was incredibly touched. Da Paolo’s Crodo ($4.90) a pop – flaky cross between the croissant and donut, filled with rich chocolate filling. Wasn’t as heavy as I expected it to taste like, but probably because this was bought with love and I was giddy thinking about that.


2014-01-16 22.24.36

One thing good about late night lessons – supper after that! There were a couple of days we went a little mad about Scoopz, since we could never get seats at the other places along Thomson. Scoopz has ridiculously affordable price. 5 scoops for $7.50 and a few more dollars for the waffle. Absolutelyyyy great for sharing! Some of the notable flavours: Durian, Jackfruit, Green Tea, Avocado, Rum and Raisin, Sea Salted Caramel. Ice-cream here has that sort of slight chewy texture which is kinda nice to have too.

7 responses to “Desserts – Creamier, Da Paolo, Scoopz

    • Yeah as we eat it we’re always afraid it topples, and we have to slowly move it onto the plate… BUT IT’S SO GOOD, so it’s really nothing much to have to do that haha.

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