Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery



Ippudo always has a loooong queue which stops me from going there a lot of the time. First tried this place with the bf, who happily slurped down all his soup and declared it a good bowl of ramen. Can’t remember whether he ranked it before/ after Tonkotsu King (which was my first encounter with AWESOME RAMEN IN SINGAPORE – this was years ago when the standard was really honestly truly superb and unbeatable!!!! And yes years on I will still talk about it) but yes, Ippudo was hearty, but a little on the small and salty side for me hehe.

2013-12-21 13.54.22

Prices are in my opinion, a little steep too. This is the Akamaru Shin-Aji ($19), which is the original tonkotsu broth with ‘special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil’. It’s served piping hot at the table, has a very rich stock, but the miso didn’t really make a difference for me. Still a good meal!

I like the dark and cosy interior of the place, and how the chefs and service staff are all busy. It’s very exciting to dine like that but the seating arrangements and the very user-unfriendly tables (they’re so wide how do you even converse with the person across the table) were a teeny bit annoying.

It was tasty, no doubt, but dear Tori King still has my heart for now!

Ippudo SG @ Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
6235 2797
11am-5pm (lunch), 5pm-11pm (dinner)

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