Zenso @ Sunshine Plaza/ Jai Thai @ Bishan – Quick Thai

 A quick post on affordable Thai food 🙂

2014-04-22 12.20.05

My friends and I wanted to have Merely, but we needed lunch before that, so we popped by Zenso, which is two doors down from my fave ice-cream place.

I can’t remember much about the food I had there, but I remember this omelette. Its thick and fat, filled with prawns and just like how a good omelette should be. But the best part of it is the crispy edges, how the egg has been beaten and fried till its a delicious, brittle mess in your mouth when you bite down. So good!

And a classic favourite is Jai Thai, which has a few branches, including one at Bugis. Students in my old JC loved to frequent this place for lunch, with affordable lunch sets, and equally affordable dinner dishes.

2014-04-25 18.16.07

Ordered Pandan Chicken ($2.50 per piece, min 2), Phad Thai ($7, medium), Prawn Cake ($2.50 per piece, min 2), Tom Yum Seafood ($8), and Prawn Omelette ($6). 

Pandan chicken was fragrant and relatively succulent, Phad Thai was sweet and simple, prawn cakes were a tad oily, tom yum soup was normal and the omelette was yummy albeit a bit too oily too. 

Overall satisfying for a quick meal and easy on the wallet too! 

Jai Thai
7A Clover Way, 62580228
Open Mon-Sat 11am-3pm, 6pm-9pm; Sun 6pm-9pm

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