Riders Cafe @ Bukit Timah Saddle Club – Safe Bet for Brunch




Blogged about Rider’s before, but you know how you’ve those haunts you go to when you’re lazy to try something new? 

This is it! Helps that it’s so near my place, and when you get there, you really feel like you’re far far away from the city. No aircon, just the fans whirring above you and the smell of horses wafting by. Sunlight streaming in while you’re seated comfortably in this old colonial-esque building. Love it!!



No coffee for my brother and I, because the coffee here is not great. Plus you can just hop by Dutch Colony Coffee at The Grandstand for coffee if you really need a caffeine fix.IMG_4440

The Usual, with mushrooms, bacon, a banger (BANGER! I love the word, it sounds like a huge party is coming right up), and scrambled eggs.




I had the Pacific Benedict – which has swimmer crab, poached eggs, spinach and shrimp hollandaise.





Look at all that crab! Pity the flavours were a bit muted for this one. Would love the crab to have been sweeter, shrimp to be in bigger pieces, and for their homemade hollandaise to be tastier.




Dessert was Salted Caramel Brioche because we wanted to try something new. Was honestly a bit disappointed, it looked potentially underwhelming.




The brioche was toasted to a crisp, but personally I’d have loved it to be softer because the beauty of brioche to me is how soft and fluffy it can be. It paired well with the sticky salted caramel and ice cream though. Although my ice cream was melting way too fast and I’d have loved for the ice cream to be the amazing vanilla ice cream with real vanilla beanz in them. 

Overall a good morning still, somewhere I’ll still pay for brunch, although my friends and I are increasingly convinced we can do all of this at home!!  


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