Ben’s Cookies @ Wisma Atria – Soft, Chewy Cookies from London!

Guess who came to town!!


Ben’s Cookies just opened yesterday in Singapore!

Fun facts about Ben’s Cookies: 
1. Ben’s Cookies was founded by Helge Rubinstein, who was a huge fan of chocolate and wrote The Chocolate Book in 1981.
2. Ben’s Cookies is named after one of Helge’s sons!
3. Ben’s was started in 1984 in the Oxford Covered Market. Cheap thrills, but I made sure I got to have my Ben’s fix when I visited Oxford!
4. Doesn’t Ben, the guy happily munching on his cookie, look familiar? He’s illustrated by Quentin Blake, the talented man who illustrated the Roald Dahl books!
5. There are 7 outlets in London, all in Zone 1, which is London’s town area. And 3 other outlets in other parts of the UK.
6. There are 6 outlets in Seoul, and the only other outlet in Asia is in Singapore!! I’m glad there was a steady stream of customers when I visited, and I sure hope the craze keeps up!

If you know me, I absolutely adore London and walking by Ben’s Cookies in London always meant that I was gonna stop and give myself a treat. One of this soft cookies with gooey centres, especially if they were fresh out of the oven, really brightened up cold winter days or walks home after school. So yes, nostalgia plays a part in rationalising why I’m happy Ben’s Cookies have arrived on our shores, but I still fall prey to these little round things whenever I walk by because they’re GOOD.


One of my favourites was always the Milk Chocolate Chunk. I love the cookie dough, it’s soft and fragrant, smelling like fantastic butter. The quality of butter really makes a difference in both the smell and taste of baked goods, I feel. And then you get these chunks of molten chocolate, which just makes my heart sing. It’s in generous amounts and it’s good quality chocolate.

SO DELIGHTFUL! I’m not sure if it’s because the weather here is more humid, my cookie turned even softer and broke apart when I took it out of the bag at night (You see, I wanted to heat it up and enjoy it as dessert since part of the joy is derived from having the cookie melt away in your mouth!).

* Note: I spoke to the people at the shop and they had some teething problems with baking paper and stuff, so the cookies were oilier than usual. It isn’t like that anymore!


White Chocolate and Macadamia – one of their hot hot sellers! For absolutely good reason. This cute little ball is PACKED with macadamia halves. The white chocolate pairs up nicely to give it some creamy, milky contrast. This one’s a must!


Ginger and Dark Chocolate – I’m a fan of this because I love dark chocolate and I love the notes of ginger in my sweets. From my conversations with a baker who’s resided in both UK and Singapore, she says that Singaporeans tend to wrinkle their noses at ginger in desserts. I love how she introduced me to things like lemon ginger cakes – the spicy kick that ginger adds to anything is just unmistakeable.


Milk Chocolate and Orange – Milk chocolate chunks in an orange flavoured cookie. The orange essence is overpowering, but it’s also quite refreshing to have that slight citrus zing.


Coconut – One of their two non-chocolate cookies. I’m personally not a huge fan, but all I’ve to say is that they mean it when they call it a coconut cookie.

Other favourites are Dark Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Praline… but really, they’re quite a number to choose from, so experiment away!

Price point:

It’s $2.95 a pop, which sounded rather expensive for cookies to me. But each cookie is about 85-90g, which is actually bang for your buck compared to some other cookies! Also, if you purchase a box of 5, you get 2 free ($14.75). Purchase a box of 10, you get 5 free ($29.50). Which works out to around $2 for a cookie and that sounds like a sweet deal to me!

All in all… Ben’s Cookies, I’m glad you’ve reached Singapore shores 😀

More pictures when I get more!

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