Sunday Folks @ Chip Bee Gardens – Soft Serve & Waffles

Everybody loves Creamier!! And so everyone is excited when Creamier decides to open its sister outlet at Holland Village. I am completely taken by this space – love how simple it is but that works anyway. Concrete floors, white walls, lots of wood and glass, and warm lighting. It’s crazy crowded though, and that takes away some of the charm of this place for me.IMG_4474IMG_4471

These are the Sea Salt Gula Melaka Waffles ($11.80). On my first visit here, the sea salt soft serve was absolutely delightful. The flavours here are based on the best selling flavours at Creamier, and it’s a smart move. Soft serve here tastes familiar yet different. I actually like the soft serve version of the sea salt flavour more – goes down soooo easily, perfect blend of salty and sweet, cool and refreshing, and incredibly smooth. Quite a perfect companion to their signature waffles! 

2014-08-08 20.47.51

Headed back with friends for Pistachio this time. Though the flavour of roasted pistachios was just as strong, I found this a little too sweet and I miss the roasted nuts in my dessert! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.53.34 pm

Apologies – this is a terrible photo 😦 Sea Salt Gula Melaka cone for $7.90. Each of the flavours come with toppings that the folks have matched up. This one came with gula melaka, mochi balls, sesame crisp and kinako. The charcoal cone is delightfully crunchy and stays that way while we finish the soft serve. This time, the soft serve felt too sweet, might have been the addition of gula melaka on top? 

Wanna try Earl Grey Lavender next 😀

The place is packed almost all the time, whatever time of the day you choose to go, and we had to wait 30 minutes for waffles. I’ll probably be back when it gets quieter and when I am craving for some soft serve though, because there’s no where else I know that serves up soft serve as good! (Unless you’re talking green tea soft serve, then please head to Tsujiri NOW).  

Sunday Folks
#01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, 44 Jalan Merah Saga
Tue – Fri: 16:00 – 21:30
Sat – Sun: 12:00 – 22:00
Closed: Mon

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