Sunday Market @ Lim Tua Tow Road – Innovative Cafe Food

Friends and I have always griped that cafe food isn’t very adventurous in Singapore, so imagine our joy upon looking at Sunday Market’s menu! Beef rendang toast, duck pancakes, more duck dishes and other things. My brother and I were itching to come here the whole duration he was back, and it was a great decision. Food is promising, and I’d definitely be back for other things.




Roast duck pancakes with crispy egg, garlic hoisin and mixed cress ($12.90) (This place has service charge and GST!). Much as we love sweets, my brother and I always need our savoury fix. We both love Peking duck too, so this was just very, very satisfying! I love Sunday Market’s take on this. The delicious duck shines through, the pancakes are perfect to soak up the sweet sauce. Crispy egg is also always welcome, and adds to all the goodness going on on this plate. Very good!!


Looook at all that duck hidden inside the pancakes ^^ IMG_5002

Bangkok Toast ($10.90) is another popular offering here. It’s a rectangular block of brioche french toast, cut through the insides and you get a custard like consistency. Are you eating custard or french toast? Doesn’t matter because it is special and yummy!! Green tea custard is not overpowering or too sweet, with subtle hints of green tea. The milk tea ice cream is really intense in flavour! And icy too, but I like it icy as it cuts through the heaviness of the toast. Love this!


My brother has flown back for his studies and there – one less foodie buddy. I will miss that little bum, brothers are annoying but always people you can count on. And for that I am glad (:

Sunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road, Singapore 547772
6287 8880
Mon-Fri: 1pm – 11pm
Sat-Sun: 11am- 11pm

Hopping ideas: This place is near to Lola’s Cafe and Hatter Street!

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    • I have no idea actually :p but I’m pretty sure there isn’t such a thing in Bangkok isn’t it?? Your blog is such fun (:

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