Chye Seng Huat Hardware @ Jalan Besar – One Word: Coffee


Chye Seng Huat is one of the oldest players on the market, dating back to the good old Papa Palheta place. CSHH is soooo big now, with numerous outlets, supplying to different places, and tons of workshops, but it’s somewhere I’ll keep going back to if I want a cuppa. Their outlets are all fantastic and I am a HUGE FAN.


They hold workshops and classes, and they all sound so appealing, but they’re pricey too. But I’m sure you’ll be learning from the best!


We were there on a Saturday afternoon, about 6pm, and it was nice and quiet. Like everything is winding down, no one to jostle with, and no need to raise your voices over your beverages. Felt sooooo good to be sitting there and just chatting about life (:


Was with my brother and were way too full but their dessert cabinet looked way better than the last time I was here (ages ago). V colourful and inviting!


And scarred from my most recent experience in Hong Kong, where I got carried away with the cafe’s description of an ice drip coffee with jasmine notes and orange blossom tones etc etc, only to have to drink it the way I approach wine (which also means I cannot understand and appreciate it), I stuck to the usual latte. What a long sentence.

Such an enjoyable evening out (:


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