FIX Cafe @ Home Team NS – Fresh & Fun Offerings


Guess where we went!! We were very excited to visit this place – the space looked very comfortable and suitable to chill, and the food looked goooood.


Industrial themed place, with table frames being made out of metal, tables out of plywood, and shelves/ fittings with metal pipes and more metal. This is al fresco and by the pool, but it was surprisingly not hot at all even during lunch time. It’s also really casual and laidback, which I really liked. We spent quite a lot of time just lazing here and talking (:

Now get ready for lots of photos because we had ample sunlight for good photos!!



A lemon curd milkshake ($7, or top up $4 from your main)! It was quite refreshing, of a thicccck consistency, more sweet than sour and topped with crushed cookie bits.

And more on that fabulous cake later.


Nachos that arrived in bright blue coffee cups were definitely straight out of a packet and run of the mill. Wished for a better accompaniment to the naanwiches.



Cheese fries ($7) turned out to be surprisingly yummy, well, as far as things with processed cheese can go. My dad has pampered my tastebuds to enjoy only the best cheeses, freshly grated and all, but my secondary school days were filled with KFC cheese fries, so I guess these are still SHIOK in some way. More than enough cheese and beef sauce to go around that plate of hot fries.


One more, for posterity’s sake. Take so many pictures, might as well put up 😀


Oh hi beautiful flat lay photo!! Soooo colourful, photogenic and pretty. Sad to say the naans were disappointingly hard, dry and cold. They were super hard to cut/ tear and were very chewy ): It has so much potential though sigh.


Beef and kimchi naanwich ($10). Naan aside, the toppings are quite generous and tasty. Beef was quite tender and well-seasoned, and the combination worked for me.



Chicken tikka naanwich ($10). Moist, very well marinated and tender pieces of butter chicken, and some achar too.


Mushroom and feta vegetarian option ($10). Wouldn’t be our first choice, but we wanted variety on the table. Feta provided a nice kick, but it was rather dry on the whole.



Black sesame milkshake! I really enjoyed this. Just the way I like milkshakes – thick and near impossible to slurp up when they first arrive on the table, verrrry rich in flavour, and with brittle for crunch.

IMG_5629 IMG_5630



Passionfruit, Mango and Coconut Chiffon Cake ($7)!! Verrrrrry good and you MUST have this when you come here. It’s so pretty; I love the bright yellow spots and fresh leaves encased in the gelee. The cake is well-executed, and has the perfect ratio of layers. Passionfruit curd, chiffon cake and a coconut mousse layer. Ugh so good whether you have each individually, or let all the flavours come together.


Donuts with salted egg yolk dip ($6)! Think we were all looking forward to this but I think I still rather eat my flowy liu sha baos. The dip was sweeter and more like a custard, without the saltiness and texture of salted egg yolks that I like so much. But the donuts were hot, fluffy, fresh dough balls dusted with icing sugar.


The choux has been much raved about too! I’d try that if I go back. And maybe the cheesecake. That quiche also looked huge.


Hopefully we caught this place on a down day, I actually would go back again since I feel this place does have potential. I even emailed the place to tell them about the naans and got a reply saying “oh no the naans are supposed to be soft and fluffy! We’ll look into it.”
Fix yourself FIX (okay not funny) and I will come back!
Irrelevant thoughts: Bf was very funny – he said the only things he liked were the cheese fries (we used to have this thing for Carl’s Jr chilli cheese fries) and his milkshake. We all proceeded to eat Merely (WE LOVE MERELY) after that, and then he declared he was hungry. He happily devoured Victor’s Kitchen stuff next door. Such a simple boy at heart : D
31 Ah Hood Road, Home Team NS-JOM Clubhouse, #01-06
Singapore 329979
6256 1484
Open daily from 9.30am – 9pm

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