Nylon Coffee Roasters @ Everton Park – Coffee with Heart


As part of the last minute adventures with my brother, we had coffee, after a good brunch & disappointing cake. Guess where this is, with a long wooden bar table to facilitate coffee conversations?


It’s Nylon, which has since doubled in size! I’m so happy for them. They have a steady following, which is constantly growing, and for very, very good reason. I first stumbled upon them in 2012 and remembered having the best coffee I’ve had. It was rich with a lot of body, verrrry aromatic, not too acidic and not overwhelmed by all the milk in the cup. Coffee is very much about preference, in my opinion, and this was right up my alley.


Our 5oz whites. Coffee here is still served like how they have been doing it since day 1 – 3oz, 5oz, 7oz, black or white.  If I’m not wrong, they’re one of the first places to serve it up this way. Simple and no frills! I’m such a fan. Also incredibly reasonably priced with the 5oz being $4. Very smooth cuppas with milk steamed to perfection, a clean finish, and the delightful lingering of flavour as you sip it. No wonder there’s always a steady stream of people no matter what time of the day I’m there.


I do not know much about roasting and all the process and what not, but it’s cool. And it smells sooooo good (:


Coffee has so much variety, it’s amazing! Very interested to learn how to appreciate different types of coffee and different methods of preparation.


Nylon’s so passionate about their coffee! They’re really friendly and eager to share about the beans, their processes, their story, if you decide to ask. So ask away! And they’re so happy all the time it makes it such a fun part of the day to go get your coffee from them.

I’ve been reading their blog for a while – http://blog.nyloncoffee.sg/ – it’s incredibly interesting and informative, with lots of detail on the origins and the tasting notes. They also describe their beans in a manner that makes me want to drink only their coffee. It sounds soooo gooood. But most importantly, the posts have heart. They tell stories about how the beans get from their origin to Singapore, the difficulties the farms face, the people behind them. It puts a smile on my face!

Hope you can tell what a big fan I am. Please drop by if you have never tried Nylon, and I hope you love it! (:

Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park #01-40
Singapore 080004
6220 2330
Weekdays: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Weekends: 9am to 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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