Audacious Cakery @ Everton Park


I very much wanted to like this place. It has a very promising range of items behind the glass counter, and everything sounded so creative! I wanted to try it all. The cupcakes also sounded fun, with black sesame, green tea, and even a salted egg yolk cupcake offering.


We only had space for one dessert though. My brother picked chocolate but being in my adventurous mode, I convinced him to try the salted caramel one. So we had Alexiss – “salted caramel mousse with dark chocolate banana centre and crumble topping” – $7.80.



Sadly, the salted caramel flavour didn’t quite come through for us, the mousse was airy and didn’t quite melt away on the tongue like good mousses usually do. The dark chocolate banana centre was more of an adjunct than anything else. I was quite disappointed, I wanted to try more things if this was good. Oh wellll.


Forest Noir and Chocolate Obsession are generally quite raved about, so maybe you should try that if you head there! Oops, should have listened to the brother, who is rather wise actually and has tastebuds I trust. This big sister is missing the little one right now.

I felt like this place does have a lot of potential! The flavours sound so good, but if only they delivered on what they promised, I think this place would be a phenomenon. Especially since I love new flavour combinations and anything that’s different.

If you’re in the area, I recommend visiting Nylon Coffee Roasters!

Audacious Cakery
Blk 2 Everton Park
Singapore 081002
6223 3047
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm


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