Coast & Company @ Siglap Drive – Coffee/Bikes


Just how gorgeous is this space? I was wowed when we stepped out into the side alley. Who would imagine creepers, glass and concrete could look so good together?


Coast and Company is located at the corner of a row of shophouses, and was delightfully peaceful when we first got there.


It’s a long and narrow space, but it’s done up with minimal clutter and fuss, which makes the space feel big and comfortable. Wander down to the back and upstairs to view the bicycles, which have too high a price tag to be out on the roads.



Look at the display of bottles, glasses and equipment! I love the way they do it, even though it’s so simple.



Menu was created with Chef Willin Low, owner of Wild Rocket & Relish. Food is simple, and not of much variety, but what we tried was good!


Almond Peanut Butter Toast ($7). Homemade peanut butter which is definitely free from preservatives and so much healthier than supermarket versions. It’s hearty and very nutty with tons of crunch, and goes well with the toasty and buttery brioche. I like how there’s almond flakes and honey to cut through the flavours of the peanut butter. But share it!



Coffee is made using Papa Palheta beans. The coffee machine had wooden handles and details on it! We hadn’t seen one like that before!

IMG_5548 IMG_5547

Surprise surprise! As my friend and I were strolling down the row of shophouses, we discovered Classic Cakes (surprise!) and Flor Patisserie (even bigger surprise!!). There’s Dutch Colony Coffee and a couple of coffee shops as you continue heading down the street and make a left onto Frankel Avenue. It was a nice place to be on a weekday afternoon, but I believe it’s quite packed during weekends!

Still, worth a visit – I’m so in love with the space of Coast & Co. It’s very simple but so tasteful and chic. I’d sit here all day!

Coast and Company
54 Siglap Drive
6681 6681

Tuesday-Thursday: 9am – 7pm
Friday-Sunday: 9am – 10pm

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