Pies & Coffee @ The Grandstand


Christmas Turkey Pie! A special that smelt just like roast turkey, chestnuts and mushrooms. Delightfully moist, creamy and tasty. Also spiced up with the addition of apricots. Have it if you’re there in December!

2014-09-14 17.51.55

2014-09-04 22.49.10

Brought my brothers here for a quick tea one afternoon. It was more whirlwind than quick, in fact. We shared a Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie ($10.95) and a Chocolate Tart ($6.90), although we ended up letting the little one have most of it. I didn’t get pictures of the ample filling inside, but we were pleasantly surprised. Lots of well-marinated beef encased in a buttery pie crust. Mashed potato on the side was also quite tasty. Chocolate tart had a soggy raspberry and soggy feuilletine, which made me shudder slightly and wonder how long it’s been out there, but it was decent.

Quiet, simple, very white space to get some reading done (no plugs though). And plus point about anything at The Grandstand – free parking!

I like the outlet at Rochester Mall, it’s a lot cosier and right outside that outlet there’s a water feature and tall green plants. Makes for an even better afternoon reading spot.

Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive, #01-02, Singapore 138639
Open daily from 9am – 11pm

The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road, #01-10, Singapore 288794
Open daily from 9am – 10pm


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