Carnivore @ Dempsey

We tested out the Entertainer app for a month when the bf was back and concluded that… no this is not the life for us. Too much good food makes our wallets weep still, and we can save all that indulgence for when we’re more self-sufficient.

Anyway, this boy is so incompetent at buffets now, I was so amused. Contrast this with a couple (or more) years ago when they were still in the army, and were demanding meat every weekend.


This beef was surprisingly good, so I had sooooo much of it. Best meat that night! Lovely pink hues, appropriately juicy, not too raw and bloody but full of flavour too.


Couldn’t appreciate this before but had more than one helping of this too. Grilling pineapples chars the top, intensifies the sweetness and juiciness of the fruit.


The starters were also quite decent, although it’s been nearly 9 months and I can’t remember what I piled on my plate.

Food aside, always a good night out with the bf, always thankful for all the time we get in the same place, even if it means squeezing time out on a weekday night after compulsory classes and internships.


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