One Man Coffee @ Thomson Road


Ham & Cheese Croissant ($7), Iced Mocha ($6). Croissant was buttery and flaky, and my girlfriend happily said that there was a lot of ham and cheese inside (HIII if you’re reading!). Quite a portion of salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction. I love balsamic vinegar in its thicker, reduced form. Less of the tang and deeper sweet notes. So good! I think she liked her Iced Mocha too, which look deliciously chocolatey.


French Toast Brioche with Homemade Berry Compote, Candied Walnuts and Cream ($10). This is simple, but it was well done!! It might look small but I think it’s a blessing that it’s this size – if you have too much of this on your own it gets wayyy too much. Crispy edges, moist/ buttery/ delicious egggggy and fluffy interior! Every bite of the brioche was a joy. Its accompaniments were also light and not cloying, so I polished everything off feeling very satisfied!


CRUST? What’s Crust doing here?? This place has probably been making its round as ‘the cafe that shares it space with a pizza shop’. As everyone has commented, such a good way to save on rent! And I have to say, for a pizza shop, Crust does have a pretty swanky interior. The One Man Coffee additions to the decor include a wooden cake shelf and some vintage displays, but the overall feel is airy, bright and rustic. I love it!

Habitat is just a few doors down and is a lot more crowded and cramped. But One Man Coffee has its crowd too. All the tables were filled when we got there at 10ish on a weekday.


I’d come again, if I wanted a place in the vicinity. It’s simple brunch food done properly, and at affordable prices too. And along with my new obsession about spaces, this is a comfy space to have brunch in, so yes!

Prices here are nett, hooray! So much food to choose from along this stretch – Singapore is so much fun for people who love food.

One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349
+65 9658 1685
Open daily from 9am to 5pm


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