Jimmy Monkey @ Buona Vista

Jimmy Monkey has been around in Singapore since.. forever! It’s opened by a couple hailing from Melbourne; eager to bring the coffee movement to Singapore back when they first moved here. So glad to know that they’re still doing well, with a steady stream of customers and regulars who keep coming back for homemade food, cakes and Aussie-style coffee.

Photographs are from 2 separate visits – you can tell from how different the light is in the photos!

On my first visit:


I remember stopping my conversation with my friend to stare at the staff for a good 5 minutes, as they set up a ladder to climb up to the blue cupboards to obtain some stock, and then proceed to try to take the bottles on those high shelves… the staff are all nice and fun though, very cheery!


Jimmy Monkey is so distinctively them, the decor is all thrown together with no theme, but it works. Maybe it’s the high ceilings! I loveeee high ceilings, the place just feels so much fresher and bigger. Look at that lady happily reading her book in a quiet corner.


Flat white ($5). I found this a bit too milky for my liking, but my subsequent visits were a lot better! Maybe barista was sleepy; it was an early morning hahahah.


Matchy matchy breakfast paninissss!


“JM Breakfast sandwich – rocket, bacon, egg, roma tomato, avocado & Kayʼs relish” ($16).

Sounds simple, but it works as a good morning perk me up! Bright, colourful combination of ingredients to kickstart your day, sufficiently moist with enough relish to ensure it all doesn’t get too dry.

Second visit:


We came when it was 5pm, nearly closing time. Took pains not to point out the toilet bowl above to my dad, who would surely insist on walking out after seeing it there 😀


Some people like to sit at the bar and chat with the barristas.


Because Daddy wanted to try a new coffee place – my brother was slightly embarrassed but I was so excited! We wanted to bring him to Dutch Colony at Frankel, but the place was packed to the brim, so we drove near home to Jimmy Monkey. Dad’s verdict? Slightly flat long black, not thaat enjoyable. Okay dad, Dutch next.

2014-09-14 17.52.48

My brother’s shot of our coffees. I’m going to expose him by saying he only likes to drink milk-based coffee because it is INSTAGRAMMABLE and PRETTY. There. Just kiddddding, we both find it a lot more palatable.

He got a latte, and I got a flat white, and we both enjoyed our cookies.. oops I mean coffee. But dipping the speculoos biscuit in your coffee is soooo yummy!! I love it. Coffee was aromatic, rich and robust!


Espresso without milk is $4, and espresso with milk is $5.

(My pink pouch again, if you recognise it in my previous post. This is a food blog, but I am in a chatty mood today and I must share the origins of this pink pouch. I bought it while traipsing around London’s Primrose Hill, a posh neighbourhood with gorgeous huge houses (by London standards) and very well-heeled mums socialising in playgrounds while their children squeal on swings in their school uniforms. I was taking in the sights of the main street, which had a second hand bookstore, some independent local designers’ shopfronts, and other little outlets. The weather was delightfully cooling and pleasant. I stumbled into a shop, with racks of clothes arranged according to colours of the rainbow, and peered into a display. Then I spotted this beautiful eel skin granny purse brought in from Copenhagen! And I was amazed, because I’ve been looking everywhere for a nice granny purse, I love that clipping noise the pouch makes, and little did I expect to find such a special one at an affordable price in such a hood. Very pleased. I also really miss London.)


Little Jimmy Monkey is greeting you when you lift your coffee cup off the saucer!! So cute.

I’ve never attempted to come here without a car, and I’m not going to try to anytime soon, so I’ll recommend you drive!

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar
9 One-North Gateway
#01-51 One-North Residences
6777 8470
Sun to Thu: 8.30am – 8.30pm
Fri & Sat: 8.30am – 10.30pm

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