Brownice Ice Cream @ Thomson – Healthy & Dairy-free Ice Cream

Friend tried this and she raved about it, and we finally trooped there one day! After our huge hearty brunch. We are greedy folks.

BUT WELL, Brownice is you know… HEALTHY ICE CREAM.

Story: My brother was out with us, and lately after tasting raspberry sorbets and strawberry ice creams, he has decided it is much better than chocolate ice cream. He proceeded to order a scoop of strawberry in the cone, and he LOVED IT. The whole evening and night, he was talking about strawberry ice cream, and regretted not ordering a second scoop. He woke up the next day still chanting strawberry ice cream, and how he really wanted to eat that again. We tried a few other places, but he said Brownice was the best. Took our parents there and he gushed about all its health benefits to our parents, who weren’t the least bit impressed.

In his words “It’s healthy, it’s delicious and that singingggg strawberry flavour brings joy to my mouth… And such a sweet taste without dairy products!”

No photo of it because all of those photos have his face in it, but I took a bite. After ordering strawberry ice cream at countless other places since, I’ve to say that this was really one of the best. It’s packed with fresh strawberries and you almost think you’re eating just fruits. It’s smooth and less icy than a sorbet, yet not creamy in a way that masks the fruity taste. So it’s really good. Beautiful shade of pink too ^^


Sea-salted Gula Melaka with Atap Chee, Coconut & Hazelnut Chocolate

Ice cream was very smooth and creamy still, and was of a texture I really liked. Flavours were strong and powerful, leaving you no room to doubt what you ordered aha. Coconut had bits of coconut, and was just so refreshing and light. You’d almost think you’re at the beach. Gula was good too, quite heavy salty notes and a roasted, toasty sort of aroma to the gula melaka. Chocolate was dense and rich, but most forgettable, out of the 3.


1 scoop is $3.80, 2 for $5.60, 3 for $7.60. + $0.80 for premium flavours like Gula Melaka & Coconut. Moral – sharing is caring.


My friends have asked me.. “Huh what’s brownice? Brown rice? Nice brownies?” And the worst.. “sounds like brown coloured soil stuff”. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Ice cream here is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Go get your ice-cream fix, keep telling yourself it’s dairy free and feel super good about yourself after your dessert! But for real, it leaves a very clean aftertaste, no feelings of bloating or heaviness like you sometimes have after eating very creamy ice cream.

Brownice Ice Cream
Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03
Singapore 575628
6456 6431
Mon – Thurs: 12pm – 10pm
Fri – Sun: 12pm – 11pm

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