Dînette by L’Eclair Patisserie – A Pop Up

A concept by the girls behind L’Eclair Patisserie, who hope to open a patisserie next year specialising in eclairs. This pop-up was to take place during the weekends of November, and was held at Three Years in a Balloon. Despite exams looming over our heads, we decided to troop down when our friend showed us the colourful pictures on their Facebook page.



We had an afternoon set at $25 per pax, inclusive of coffee/ tea.


Friends were laughing at how they were trying to make it look like Paris, with that Eiffel Tower on the table and French music looping away in the background. The place was in a very quiet street of Dakota, so it did feel like we were somewhere else.


Very pretty and delicate things that I couldn’t take my eyes off! I like this photo!


Mostly forgettable and very simple stuff, except for that pie. Just give me more pies instead please! Macarons by Shiberty Bakes were way too chewy, sweet and nothing like the flavours they promised to be.


Chicken & Bacon Basque Pie. Chicken, bacon, button mushrooms in a bacon-infused barbeque cream sauce; all in a Basque-inspired butter pie. It’s been a huge hit with most people and it’s so special! I could have it for breakfast more often yes please. Haven’t had something like this before I think. It reminded me a little of char siew sous at dim sum, a buttery pastry that’s some sweet, some salty. Really a good mix of savoury and sweets, although I personally would have loved the pie more if it was just a tad less sweet. When we cut that pie into half, the aroma of crisp bacon just filled the air. The insides were creamy, smoky and very tasty.


I took a million pictures of these pretty things. Thankfully, they all tasted as good as they looked. It was a lot smaller in real life than it actually looked on camera, but these were really packed with flavour. As with a lot of the eclairs I have in Singapore, I find that they all get a little soggy and are hard to keep out, but I think it’s the humidity here?


Ispahan was the firm favourite for all of us. I mean… it had a glittery pink top and a bright fuchsia rose petal so gracefully perched atop it. The lychee and rose cream was light and fruity, and so delightfully perfumed by rose.


Lemon Meringue. Lemon curd done well, and so fun to have it in an eclair form instead of the usual tart. + Points because it looks so pleasing to the eye.


Madagascar Vanilla Bean & Caramelised Pecans. Those little black speckles… so beautiful. Verrry smooth, sweet and light vanillaaaaaa.


Matcha Cream Cheese & Strawberries. When the matcha is this colour, it’s most likely to be a treat. Very intense and slightly bitter, just the way I like it. The colours look just like Christmas, and I quite the pieces of strawberries that livened things up.


Hazelnut Praline. Lacked a crunchy top, but hazelnut cream once again packed a punch.


Salted Butter Caramel. I actually liked this quite a bit! The caramel wasn’t too thick/ sticky, it was salty, buttery and such a perfect light brown colour. Veryyyyy lovely.

Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Streusel. With all the other options, this one was the most normal, although it was a rich and good chocolate eclair.

Banana and Walnut Streusel. I keep saying it, but the banana cream once again was tasty, smooth and fragrant.


Just one last photo of these pint sized babies.

They’ve more pop-ups happening in December, based on their Facebook page, so you can keep up with them there.

There is sooo much to look forward to in the Singapore dining scene, and it makes me happy to be staying here amidst all the buzz and vibrancy (:

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