Maki-san @ The Cathay – Customisable Rolls and Countless Combis

Meet my new found quick fix obsession! Maki-san came about around 2 years ago and now has 2 outlets at The Cathay and The Arcade (Raffles Place). It’s a fun concept that attracts people who 1. love pretty packaging and 2. love having choices. I hear that people collect these boxes, and I can see why actually. They’re so cute (MUSHROOMS on a mint background, what’s not to like?) But food wise, the joy of it really is in customising your own sushi roll from a long list of ingredients, and piling it with things you love.

I tried it previously, about a year ago, before a movie date with my little brother. I took soooo long to choose my ingredients, and it just didn’t feel worth it because there was heaps of sticky brown rice with hardly any ingredients. Not cool. Gonna stick with white rice that’s properly seasoned!


It’s so adorable!!! Like a tempura ebi baby wrapped up tight in a rice + nori blanket lol!


I always pick the Large ($9.90) because you get to choose a meat/ seafood. There’s stuff like chicken, tempura soft shell crab (!), tempura ebi (mine), salmon sashimi and grilled unagi (I picked this last time and got very sad, pathetic strips), roast beef, smoked duck.

And thankfully I was pleasantly surprised by my roll this time. Rice was like legitimate sushi rice, good ingredients to rice ratio, and packed with flavour. It was slightly warm from the freshly fried tempura prawns and it was enjoyable crunching through that crisp batter. I also had creamy avocado, sweet tamagoyaki, edamame and grilled zucchini (oily and limp, will not pick next time). Pine nuts for bite, and topped off with yuzu sesame which honestly could not really be tasted. The spicy mayo is not bad too!

As you can tell, I like my roll to still resemble Japanese sushi, and I don’t fancy having chicken breast or smoked duck in this, but see that’s the fun, it’s all up to you!

Alright, I am very hungry now. This is meant to be healthy and all so it didn’t really fill us up, but still quite decent.

The Cathay
2 Handy Road

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