Asia Grand Restaurant @ Odeon Towers – Peking Duck



Don’t these two pictures look SUPER GOOD? I like these photos! My brother loves watching the waiters carve the Peking duck and he’s always so intrigued by how they get the crispy skin off with just the right amount of fat and meat. It’s an art; only the best for Chinese emperors. Aren’t we all lucky to eat this on a regular basis now ^^ These are wrapped in an egg crepe that’s not too chewy/ thick, and complements the duck skin. Always a highlight for my brother and I!

The family used to head to Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck for their peking duck – it is one of the best in Singapore! It’s always fully booked though, which doesn’t make for good news when a spontaneous, unexplainable Peking duck craving comes.

Asia Grand does a rather good rendition and it’s been on offer at $38 for a whole Peking duck, and additional $10 for the rest of the meat done up in another dish. We had ours done as Duck with Ee Fu Noodles. Very good value if you ask me!


Double Boiled Soup of the Day – very, very rich in flavour AND nutrition! Waitresses happily told my ah ma that this was very good for her health.


Abalone, Mushrooms & Broccoli


Roast Chicken – succulent, juicy, tender with crisp, non-fatty skin! Taro chips on the side – plus point.


Wasabi Fish Fillet


Almond Cream

We got the set menu because it’s a lot easier than putting your own together from the very, very extensive Cantonese menu (not that I’m complaining there’s variety). And… lucky us! We struck lottery with this set, everything was spot on except for the strange wasabi fish above. Should have seen the looks on the older ones’ faces; they did not fancy those green streaks at all. Maybe it was because we asked for less oil and less salt too. Flavours weren’t compromised at all, the only difference was that there were no complaints of “too salty, too oily” around the table.

Service here is always very attentive and professional. The meal never feels rushed, table never feels cluttered and your plates don’t ever seem to get dirty. This place has been a family favourite for ages, and it is with good reason. Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I’ve been here so often!

Asia Grand Restaurant
331 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188720
6887 0010
Open daily from 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm

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